About PBLA Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance


We are pleased to introduce you to the PBLA – Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance, a Global Bulk Liquid Logistics Operators Network for Independent Freight Forwarders, Logistic Companies and Service Providers in the Bulk Liquids Transportation Industry.

Why Premier? Premier means leading, top or first of its kind.

This network is all 3 of those and has been created to empower and unite Local and Independent Bulk Liquid Logistics Operators allowing them to access global markets and customers and fast track their worldwide expansion to meet the rapidly growing demand of its Industry clients.

Having been in the bulk liquids logistics business for many years, we know how hard it is for local and independent Flexi tank and Iso tank operators to offer a truly global and quality pipeline to pipeline service to their customers, and therefore compete with the multinational market leaders.

However, being part of this alliance will open up the doors to connecting with experienced and specialised logistics operators like yourselves around the world so that your company can compete internationally and grow in this specialised field.

Our collective knowledge as specialists is what will assure the steady development of this unique network, along with its members and service providers.  As a member you will gain access to Flexitank and Isotank related advice and training from our partners and sponsors ensuring you are at the forefront of industry developments with access to new products to offer your customers worldwide.

So let the PBLA connect independent bulk liquid logistics companies like yours to help you achieve great things.

We look forward to you joining us in the future.


Horst Behm & Jason Wright Co-Founders

Partnering for Success
Enabling our Members to become successful through proactive networking and long term global partnerships for solid and sustainable business growth.

Innovation & Excellence
We are firmly committed to innovation and excellence for the benefit of our Members.

Fostering the spirit of bilateral dialogue, cooperation and openness between people of different nationalities, background, cultures and religions based on the conviction that all people are to be treated on the basis of mutual respect and tolerance.

Customer Service
We are committed to provide an exceptional customer service experience to Members and Associates.

Dynamic Culture
We foster an environment that encourages participation of our members.

We act with transparency and integrity in conducting our business.

Social Responsibility
Our goal is to encourage openness, dialogue and cooperation with those of different nationalities.

Environmentally Friendly
In support of global initiatives, we are committed to environmental sustainability.

Our customer Service

  • Dedicated to serve our members
  • Helping you in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German
  • Having extensive knowledge in all major global markets

Our experienced Customer Service Team is ready to serve you! Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries relating to the Network activities.

We are committed to assist our Members and make the PBLA Network experience the most rewarding.

Our Customer Service Centres are located in Kingston, Canada and Valencia, Spain.