PBLA Conferences & Events

The PBLA Annual Global Alliance Meeting is the most effective way to promote your company globally.

Showcase your strengths and provide unmatched networking opportunities to generate new business for your company.

Meet all your Global Network Partners during a few exciting and rewarding Conference days for one set of travel costs!

Our Industrial leading PBLA Mobile App has been specifically developed to enhance your Global Network experience.

Important information about your Alliance Partners and necessary information about the Global Alliance Meeting are at your fingertips.

All your P2P meetings can easily be arranged from your mobile App weeks in advance.

Our pre-scheduled and well organized Partner to Partner (P2P) meetings are an excellent venue to strengthen existing trade lanes, build on established relationships, reach out to new markets and develop new partnerships.

The Conference will feature keynote presentations from invited industry experts on topics of high interest for the benefit of all participants.

Social functions will complement the formal Conference program.

Take full advantage of this great opportunity to support your global growth strategy!