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As a full member you gain access to the largest Global Bulk Liquid Logistics Alliance on Earth.
You will have the exclusive opportunity to network and meet with other likeminded specialists in this niche logistics industry.


With over 1.2 million flexitanks per year shipped around the world, this method of bulk liquid transport continues to grow with increased reliability over the years.
Connect with other flexitank and flexibag specialists with a proven track record in this field and who can offer a full door to door logistics service as well as supply and fit the right flexitank for the job. They can also handle last mile delivery, removal, and disposal of empty flexitanks, discharge attendance and coordinate cross pumping in key transhipment ports.

The current global fleet stand at over 800,000 isotanks and there are over 240 tank operators in the world, which is twice as many as 10 years ago. With a record amount of surplus and idle equipment in many parts of the world, it is now even more important to have reliable and savvy partners to assist in keeping your fleet moving.

At PBLA you will connect with independent ISO tank and Tanktainer operators and agents around the globe. Our members are small and medium sized operators, some acting exclusively as agents to other operators, and others are owner operators, and some act as both.
But one thing is for sure, all of them join PBLA to grow and complement their existing network of ISO tank partners in countries where they have no coverage. And others simply want more choice of partners as well as the opportunity to represent a new tank operator. Whatever the objective or reason, they find opportunity and haven in PBLA.

As the tendency to bottle and package wine and spirits closer to the point of consumption continues to grow, so does the amount of alcoholic beverage shipped in bulk. Both flexitanks and isotanks are increasingly used to ship bulk wine worldwide, whereas food grade isotanks are used exclusively for higher alcohol content beverages such as whisky, rum and tequila.
This has led to a larger number of local and regional logistics companies operating in this niche market, and bulk is an essential part of the service offering. These operators also increasingly find haven in PBLA.