To find all the right partners and expanding your Global Business is a challenge. It may take years and draw a lot of resource to get all the right partnerships in place especially in such a specialised logistics sector like Bulk Liquids.

Be part of a global association, that is the first of its kind and shape the future of the flexitank and tank container industry. Benefit from a business network that covers independent flexitank and tank container operators and their providers worldwide.

Fast track your Global Expansion, take on the multinational operators and let your business grow and flow with the PBLA.

We offer you instant access to trusted bulk liquid specialised Partners on 5 Continents.


  • Our Unique Formula
  • PBLA Global Reach
  • Optimize your Visibility
  • PBLA Conferences and Events
  • Member Collaboration-PBLA Advisory Board
  • PBLA Payment Protection Plan
  • PBLA Benefits
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • PBLA Customer Service


Optimize your visibility within the Network, showcase your strengths and share your passion for the business.

Fast track your communication with PBLA Network Members to attract profitable business for your company!

  • Company Profile
  • Showcase your Strength
  • Be Connected
  • Private LinkedIn Group


Company Profile

Customize your Company Profile to match your business strategy for profitable growth.

Showcase your Strengths

We have developed a unique Value System for our Network, where each Member can highlight their company strength, products and capabilities they wish to promote.

Be Connected

Mobile-friendly communication platforms are offered for fast and easy trading.

Private LinkedIn Group

Tap into our private LinkedIn group 24/7, where PBLA Members build their reputation by sharing their expertise and knowledge.

The PBLA Annual Conference is the most effective way to promote your Company globally, to showcase your strengths and provide unmatched networking opportunities to generate new business for your company.

Meet all your Bulk Liquid Network Partners during a few exciting and rewarding Conference days for one set of travel costs!

Our pre-scheduled and well organized Partner to Partner (P2P) meetings are an excellent venue to strengthen existing trade lanes, build on established relationships, reach out to new markets and develop new partnerships.

The Conference will feature keynote presentations from invited industry experts on topics of high interest for the benefit of all participants.

Social functions will complement the formal Conference program.

Take full advantage of this great opportunity to grow your business!

To foster collaboration and inclusion.

Leverage existing know how and market presence.

To develop common strategies to protect and expand global footprint.

Identify actionable items for the purpose of strengthening the overall capacity of all members within the Network for the benefit of their Clients.

Committees appointed and chaired by PBLA Management

  • Flexitank manufacturers and suppliers (Ensuring that the flexitank industry promotes quality and safety)
  • New Product development
  • Technical training
  • Ocean Freight (carrier restrictions)
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Dispute Resolution 

Innovative Applications and Tools

Our Members have access to the most innovative applications and tools of any global network.

Marketing Optimization

We offer industry leading applications to optimize your visibility and showcase your individual strength matching your ambition.


Speed, accuracy and accessibility are prerequisites in today’s market place. Our innovative mobile-friendly communication platforms make it possible to instantly connect with your PBLA Partners which are some of the largest supply chain companies on the planet. You have the PBLA World at your fingertips.

Social Media Capabilities

Our Members have access to the exclusive PBLA private LinkedIn Group. This innovative communication platform encourages close collaboration and ongoing dialog.


Our Members are actively engaged in sales & marketing activities. Only companies having solid trade references and positive credit score are eligible to apply.


We aim to ensure that the flexitank and tank container industry promotes quality and safety


Our team of PBLA builders have extensive knowledge in the Freight Forwarding and Bulk Liquids Logistics Industry and are aware of the challenges Independent Logistics Partners are facing today particularly in this niche market.

You have our commitment that we will always strive for further optimizations.

We will do our part in helping you reach market potential worldwide!


As the world’s first true Global Bulk Liquids Partner Network covering both flexitank and isotank logistics, we offer our Members access to New Markets and Global Reach Marketing.

The PBLA Management Team is continuously conducting one-on-one discussions with Independent Bulk Liquids Logistics Operators and Partners worldwide, in the effort to seek out the right partners for the benefit of all our members.

We have developed industry-leading products for our Members to optimize their visibility and showcase their strengths throughout the Network.

Publish your company profile and showcase your individual strength matching your ambition to capture the right business in the Network.

Our mobile-friendly communication platforms, allow instant access to your PBLA Partners. You have the PBLA World at your fingertips!

Take advantage of our Private LinkedIn group to connect with your partners and overseas freight companies to explore new business opportunities and share knowledge to build your reputation.

The PBLA – Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance stands for a dynamic, innovation driven and forward thinking Bulk Liquid Network with Global Reach!!

The Payment Protection Plan is designated to allow financial support toward loss of freight payments incurred due to an insolvent or bankrupt member.

Starting September, 2018 all new members are asked to participate in the PBLA Payment Protection Plan.

The PBLA Payment Protection Plan yearly contribution schedule:

1st year: USD $500.00

2nd year: USD 250.00

Per member/per participating office will be paid into a separate “Trust Fund” for the sole purpose toward supporting the loss of freight payments incurred by a participating member due to an insolvent/bankrupt member.

Partnerships with major ocean carriers are formed to scale up opportunities for all Members, as well as gaining specific focus on selected trade lanes to enhance buying and service capabilities for our Members.

Media Partner: to communicate our capabilities and resolve to become the best choice for industry clients.

Flexitank Partner: to assess members with the right tank depending on product and customer profile

Container Owners Association – COA : to Ensure that the flexitank industry promotes quality and safety

  • Favourable Advertising Rates
  • Press Release Placement
  • Global Marketing Brochure
  • Marketing Materials & Merchandising
  • Global Branding


Any noteworthy news and interesting case studies can be shared with the PBLA Marketing Team for publication and distribution within our Network and selected Media Partners.

Use our Network Logo to identify your Company as member of our Global Network

Download our Global Marketing Brochure to customize your Sales Brochure to complement your Company presentation.

Benefit from our highly experienced Marketing Team for your Marketing and Advertising requirements.

Marketing materials & merchandising articles can be designed and sourced at highly competitive prices.

Use the PBLA – Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance Network Logo to identify your company as a proud Member of our Network.

Our Customer Service

  • dedicated to serve our members
  • helping you in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German
  • having extensive knowledge in all major global markets


Our experienced Customer Service Team is ready to serve you! Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries relating to the Network activities.

We are committed to assist our Members and make the PBLA Network experience the most rewarding.

Our Customer Service Centre is located in Kingston, Canada and Valencia, Spain


Become part of the PBLA Global Network and open the doors to Global Connectivity


Our team of PBLA builders have extensive knowledge in the Bulk Liquid Industry and are fully aware of the challenges Independent Logistics Partners are facing today.

We help Independent Bulk Liquid Logistics Providers and Logistics Companies to support their global growth strategy.

We aim for a maximum of 3 partners per region. The exception are large countries  due to their geographical size and their economic diversity in each region.

Yes, we organize 2 events per year.

The annual PBLA Conference – 2ndt quarter of each year.

An excellent venue to meet members person to person and develop business opportunities.

The PBLA Roundtable discussion- the 3rd quarter of each year.

Various Global initiatives on topical subjects are being discussed toward contributing to the added growth opportunities of the PBLA Members.

The membership fee schedule is regional specific. Please contact us to learn more.

Yes, as soon as we achieve complete global coverage, supported by best in class bulk liquid logistics  companies, covering all logistics aspects, we will close the membership drive.

Yes , we have listed all our partner locations, offering excellent coverage and capabilities in each locations, on the public site.

In case of a positive review, the process will take between 7 and 10 business days

Absolutely. In the members only section, there is a profile update request form to complete when you require any changes.


If we haven’t answered your question in our FAQ area, then please feel free to email us and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.